FORTUNE: Shari Lynn Paladino

Current Installation @ Beulah Olema

FORTUNE : August 6 to September 10 2011

An interactive art installation to bring awareness to the way in which we perceive “good” and “bad” in our culture and people with special needs.

1000 red and white Fortune tellers placed in Beulah, 1 out of 70 will have the FORTUNE: Symbolic for the number of  children diagnosed with Autism in America

NEST: installation by PARIS


June 24 – Aug 1 2009

9980 Hwy one Olema

NEST: is a word I use to describe a perspective I have on family.

My perspective is that family is something you create in you reality.

Whether it be your neighbors or your sister and brother, family is what you perceive as family. Nest means family and what family means to you is different then what family means to me. It is an assortment of people that you love and people that you hate. Nest is different for each person and changes with each season. It’s never constant, because your reality is ever changing. It exists only in your heart and doesn’t have to involve a family tree. In this installation, I set out to involve my audience in my perception of my family.


mh install


clothing tags

clothing tags


2 may to 14 june 2009 

Artist Statement: Much of the work shown discusses thrift, economy, history and the systems that hold together and bind. I am drawn to materials that have qualities conducive to stitching, sewing and joining and I allow most materials to inform me of what order or system to apply them to. At times I hold tight for years to the materials that are interesting to me and wait until there is a time and place for that material to be processed, deconstructed, and reconstructed while being reflected upon, appreciated, and valued. When the materials are compatible with the medium, I commit to sewing, stitching, binding, washing, gluing, hammering, tying, pushing, pulling the material until the relevant questions and ideas begin to emerge. I have been using found, historically charged, materials to bring together the larger story about the family of material artifacts from our beloved past. These art pieces inform one another because they are a product, an outcome, of the industrial, mass production age. I hope to introduce fundamental, systems thinking, studies that are direct and accessible. When applied, each piece is simply the repetition and variation of a material and its medium. Beulah Gallery Hold Tight Installation reveals the relationship of the artwork and the physical space.

Movement of the Liberation of the Coca Plant

mlcp 1 view

Amy Franceschini + Wilson Diaz installation March 18 – April 25

Amy Franceschini Recipient of SFMOMA SECA Award
and Guggenheim Fellowship Award

Taking inspiration from George Orwell’s fairy story, Animal Farm, we have been developing a “fairy story” through an email exchange since September of this year. 1 Our collaborative story uses the Three Blind Mice tale as a departure point to address the various political, social and economic powers at play around the conservation and perpetuity of the coca plant. We will continue this exchange between January 09-May 09. Born from this story will be a series of printed matter,  a musical score, drawings and sculptures.

1 “Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism… Animal Farm was the first book in which I tried, with full consciousness of what I was doing, to fuse political purpose and artistic purpose into one whole” In his criticisms of some of his contemporaries, a recurrent theme was their failure to protest against the world they live in.

-George Orwell and C.M. Woodhouse, Introduction, Animal Farm